Edward Cohen (1817–86), the son of Mary Ann Girtin (1781–1843) and her second husband, Edward Cohen (1785–1835), followed his father into the world of finance. A successful career as a merchant banker enabled him to build up one of the most substantial collections of Girtin’s works, including outstanding watercolours such as The Eagle Tower, Caernarfon Castle (TG1309), Morpeth Bridge (TG1709) and nine of the watercolours commissioned from Girtin by his great patron Edward Lascelles (1764–1814), amongst which were The Ogwen Falls (TG1330) and Bamburgh Castle (TG1104). Cohen does not appear to have inherited any of Girtin’s works from his mother, buying them instead at auction and from dealers such as J. Palser & Sons. He left his collection to his nieces, Isabella Oswald (1838–1905) and Annie Poulter (c.1846–1924).

1798 - 1799

The Eagle Tower, Caernarfon Castle


(?) 1802

Morpeth Bridge


1798 - 1799

The Ogwen Falls


1798 - 1799

Bamburgh Castle