15 February 1865

Thos. Agnew & Sons, Stock Book, 15 February 1865 (Agnew’s Archive)

  • 6722 – ‘Ruins’, 8 ⅞ × 5 ½ in (22.5 × 14 cm). Bought from the ‘Constable sale’ for £20. Sold for £5 5s at Christie’s, 22 April 1865 lot 64

April 1865

Notes by Joseph John Jenkins (1811–85) of an anecdote told to him by James Holland (1800–70) relating to Archdeacon Charles Parr Burney (1786–1864) and Joseph Mallord William Turner (1775–1851) (Archives of the Royal Watercolour Society (J61/4)

At the sale of Dr Monro’s Drawings &c - Dr Burney and Turner met in the sale room - -

I understand said Turner to the Dr that you have the bad taste to admire these things more than those I do now -

Dr Burney - It will be sufficient for me to say that I admire every thing you do Mr Turner -

Turner - well! Perhaps they are not so bad for a half a crown! and ones oysters!