January 1806

Review of Bartholomew Howlett (1767–1827), A Selection of Views in the County of Lincoln (Howlett, 1805) in The Annual Review, vol.4 (January 1806), p.422

The review notes: ‘The principal feature of this volume is its “pretty pictures”. The accompanying descriptions are very subordinate’. It continues, ‘A few of the prints from drawings, by Turner and Girtin, are pleasing and beautiful; but these are rather injudiciously introduced, as they make the remaining subjects appear more insipid and tasteless by contrast. To engrave and publish every scene that presents itself, and views of almost every house, in a county, is giving too much consequence to trifles.’ There are seventy-five prints, but no more than twenty ‘have beauty, elegance, or antiquity to recommend them’. The book can only be considered, the reviewer concludes, as a ‘miscellaneous volume of prints with short accounts’.

Spring 1806

Prince Hoare, An Inquiry into the Requisite Cultivation and Present State of the Arts of Design in England (Hoare, 1806, p.220)

Prince Hoare (1755–1834) comments on the role of John Robert Cozens (1752–97) and Girtin in raising a ‘modern art [that] stands unrivalled’:

Two names … which cannot be read without emotion of sensibility by the lovers of genius and art, – Cozens and Girtin. The former, in the comprehensive, essential seizure of his subjects, usually chosen from amidst the phaenomena of nature’s semblances; and the latter, in the almost magic expression of form and effect in the objects that surrounded him, alike lay claim to the most unlimited praise.

August 1806

Review of Bartholomew Howlett (1767–1827), A Selection of Views in the County of Lincoln (Howlett, 1805) in The Monthly Review, vol.56 (August 1806), pp.394–96

The review notes: ‘This exhibition of the beauties of Lincolnshire is highly creditable to the artists employed; and by means of the topographical and historical illustrations annexed to each plate, the work not only excites, but gratifies interest … [in] this beautiful volume’. The ‘plates are well executed, in stroke engravings, from drawings by various artists, and the whole is intitled to considerable praise’.