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The Very Capital Collection of Drawings, of that Well-Known and Intelligent Collector, Dr. Monro, deceased; Comprising Most Capital and Interesting Specimens of the Principal Artists in the Modern English School

Messrs. Christie & Manson

Reference: Christie’s, 28 June 1833

The sale took place over five days, 26–28 June and 1–2 July 1833

Lugt, Catalogues, no.13354

Copies consulted: Archive of Christie’s, London; Frick Art Reference Library, New York, online at Art Sales Catalogues Online

Day 3


  • 47 – ‘Girtin, figures drawing nets near a river; and Cooper, Italian landscape’. Bought by ‘Morris’ for 14s
  • 50 – ‘Girtin, the Thames from the Adelphi; and a landscape, Kobel’. Bought by ‘Monro’ for £1 5s (TG1385)


  • 77 – ‘A scrap-book, containing 36 sketches of the town and harbour of Dover by Turner, in blue and Indian ink’. Bought by ‘White’ for £26 5s
  • 78 – ‘A book containing 62 interesting sketches in the neighbourhood of Rome and Naples, by Turner, in Indian ink and blue’. Bought by ‘Griffith’ for £21
  • 79 – ‘Twenty-six sketches in Switzerland and Italy, by Turner, in blue and Indian ink, in a scrap-book’. Bought by ‘Griffith’ for £10 10s
  • 80 – ‘A scrap-book, containing 66 sketches in Switzerland, in blue and Indian ink’. Bought by ‘Hixon’ for £21 10s 6d
  • 81 – ‘Twenty-six sketches at Dover and Folkestone, in blue and Indian ink’. Bought by ‘White’ for £24 3s
  • 82 – ‘A sketch-book, containing 26 sketches in Wales, Cumberland, and Westmorland’. Bought by ‘A. Monro’ for £11 11s


  • 152 – ‘Girtin, a view of Norbury Park, on a board, varnished 3’. Bought by ‘Lock’ for £2 15s
  • 154 – ‘Girtin, ruined abbeys, a pair, with arched tops’. Bought by ‘Roberts’ for £5 5s
  • 156 – ‘Girtin, three views in Italy’. Bought by ‘Shirley’ for £2 15s
  • 160 – ‘Girtin, a pair of views in Italy’. Bought by ‘Col Johnson’ for £3 5s
  • 163 – ‘Girtin, three views in Italy’. Bought by ‘Molteno’ for £3 11s

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