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The Very Valuable and Important Collection of Water-Colour Drawings, of High Quality, the Property of a Nobleman (Earl of Harewood)

Messrs. Christie and Manson

Reference: Christie’s, 1 May 1858

Lugt, Catalogues, no.24221

Copies consulted: National Art Library, Victoria and Albert Museum, London; Archives of the Royal Watercolour Society

Consigned by Henry Lascelles, 4th Earl of Harewood (1824-92)

  • 9 – ‘Harewood Bridge’. Bought by ‘Palser’ for 10 guineas (TG1551)
  • 11 – ‘A waterfall, in a rocky ravine – upright’. Bought by ‘Bale’ for 18 guineas (TG1330)
  • 15 – ‘A harbour scene, with shipping’. Sold for 5 guineas (TG1290)
  • 16 – ‘The rocking stone’. Bought by ‘Palser’ for 15 guineas (TG1104)
  • 21 – ‘A GRAND VIEW OF SNOWDON, with clouds hanging at the foot of the mountain, a river in the foreground’. Bought by ‘Bale’ for 45 guineas (TG1322)
  • 22 – ‘View of Harewood Castle, Yorkshire’ (struck through in the copy consulted and ‘House’ added in pen and ink). Bought by ‘Palser’ for 15 guineas (TG1547)
  • 28 – ‘A romantick lake scene, with rocky banks’ (‘PAYNE’ struck through in the copy consulted and ‘Girtin’ added by hand). Bought by ‘Palser’ for £3 15s (TG1553)
  • 31 – ‘A RUINED ABBEY, with cottages and a bridge’. Bought by ‘Colnaghi’ for 20 guineas (TG1723)
  • 35 – A distant view of Harewood House’ (struck through in the copy consulted). Bought by ‘Palser’ for £7 (TG1335)
  • 39 – ‘A DISTANT VIEW OF HAREWOOD PARK – grand effect of stormy evening sky’. Sold for 20 guineas (TG1548)
  • 42 – ‘View in Wales – grand effect of storm’. Bought by ‘Palser’ for 15 guineas (TG1669)
  • 44 – ‘BETHGELLAERT. A very fine work’. Bought by ‘Palser’ for £15 4s 6d (TG1550)
  • 46 – ‘A river scene’. Bought by ‘Palser’ for 19 guineas (TG1673)
  • 50 – ‘GUISBOROUGH PRIORY – upright. A capital drawing’. Bought by ‘Colnaghi’ for 22 guineas (TG1698)
  • 53 – ‘A VIEW ON THE WHARF’. Bought by ‘Fraser’ for 14 ½ guineas (TG1554)

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