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Highly Important English Drawings and Watercolours

Christie, Manson & Woods Ltd.

Reference: Christie’s, 15 June 1982

Copy consulted: Library of the Paul Mellon Centre, London

‘T. Gurton’

  • 16 – ‘Section of the Boiling Fountains and Country near them … copied from a Drawing in the Possession of Sr. Joseph Banks Bt.’ (one of four). Sold for £1,296 (TG0008)

‘Thomas Gurton, after James Miller and John Cleveley, Jun.’ (James Miller (active 1773–1814) and John Cleveley the Younger (1747–86))

  • 17 – ‘The Great Geyser, as it appeared during its Eruption to Sir Joseph Banks, Bart., in Sepr. 1772; View of a Lava as it has run over the Ridge of a Hill; and View of the Basaltic Pillars near Langaness (Langanoes) [all signed and/or inscribed and two dated 1790 in the border] “from a Drawing done by John Cleveley Junr. who accompanied Sir Jos. Banks to Iceland as Draughtsman”, etc., pen and grey ink and watercolour or grey wash on Whatman paper, two in the original border of grey and ochre washes’, 17 × 12 ½ in (43.2 × 31.8 cm) and smaller. Sold for £1,026 (TG0004; TG0006; TG0009)

‘Thomas Gurton and John Hassell, after John Cleveley, Jun.’ (John Cleveley the Younger, 1747–86)

  • 18 – ‘A View of Mt. Heckla, with Sr. Joseph Banks and his Party descending from it; and View of the Back of the Mount Heckla with the Origins of the two last Lavas taken from the Top [both signed and/or inscribed and dated in the border or mount] “J. Cleveley, Jun.r del. 1772. T. Gurton copied 1790” pencil, pen and grey ink and watercolour on Whatman paper (watermarked Strasburg Lily), both in the original mount or border of grey-blue washes’, 12 × 17 ⅞ in (30.5 × 45.4 cm). Sold for £1,944 (TG0005)

‘Thomas Gurton, after James Miller and John Cleveley, Jun.’ (James Miller (active 1773–1814) and John Cleveley the Younger (1747–86))

  • 19 – ‘View of Forster’s House in Iceland [signed and/or inscribed in the border] “… from a Drawing done in 1772 by James Miller”, pencil and watercolour, watermarked Strasburg Lily, in the artist’s border of grey and grey-brown washes, to border’, 11 ⅞ × 15 ⅞ in (30.2 × 40.3 cm); ‘“An Iceland Woman in her bridal Dress”, “An Iceland Woman in her riding Dress” and “with a Child 10 Years of Age” by Gurton (the first two after Cleveley)’. Sold for £3,780 (TG0001; TG0002; TG0007; TG0010)

‘Thomas Girtin’

  • 39 – ‘Derwentwater’. Sold for £2,376 (TG1585)
  • 94 – ‘Anglers by a Rocky Stream, a ruined Castle on a Bluff Behind’. Sold for £3,240 (TG0877)
  • 95 – ‘View of the Louvre and Bridge of the Tuileries from the Pont Nerf, soft-ground etching, pencil and watercolour … watermark part of a fleur-de-lys’, 6 ½ × 17 ¼ in (16.5 × 43.8 cm). Sold for £1,512 (plate two of Picturesque Views in Paris)

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