Herbert Percy Horne (1864–1916) was an architect, art collector and art historian best known today for the museum he founded in Florence, which holds two works by Girtin (TG0747 and TG1356). He sold the majority of his watercolours to fellow collectors, most notably 200 drawings bought from him in May 1904 by Sir Edward Marsh (1872–1953) ahead of his move to Florence (Feather, 2014, pp.224–25; Marsh, 1939, p.353). Amongst the dozen or so examples by Girtin that passed through his hands is a notable group of his collaborations with Joseph Mallord William Turner (1775–1851) made at the home of Dr Thomas Monro (1759–1833), including Between Chamonix and Martigny, the Aiguille Verte (TG0457).

1794 - 1797

Florence: The Convent of Monte Oliveto, from the Banks of the Arno


(?) 1798

A Cave Dwelling at Bridgnorth


1794 - 1797

Between Chamonix and Martigny, the Aiguille Verte