John Samuel Hayward (1778–1822) was a floor cloth manufacturer and amateur artist who was a member of the Sketching Society in one of its later manifestations. Hayward was in Paris at the same time as Girtin, the winter of 1801–2, and in his Pocket Book he notes that on 17 December 1801 he ‘Was at the Theatre Montansies with Thos Girtin’ (Victoria and Albert Museum, London (E.1628–1939)). Girtin addressed a letter to Hayward (now back in London) on 30 January 1802, suggesting that the two had shared accommodation in Paris. The letter, now untraced, indicates that Hayward was involved in some way with the plans of James de Maria (1771–1851) to produce a panorama of Paris, and that this may have put an end to Girtin’s own tentative ambitions (Mayne, 1949, pp.58–59). Two colour sketches of boats, long associated with Girtin, are now thought to be by Hayward (see TG1809 figures 1 and 2), indicating that the amateur’s practice was heavily influenced by the older professional.

(?) 1800

A Coastal Scene with Two Beached Vessels