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Isabella Hester Turrill (née Cohen) (1813 - 1871)

Family, Collectors

Isabella Hester Turrill (née Cohen) (1813–71) was the daughter of the artist’s widow, Mary Ann Girtin (1781–1843), and Edward Cohen (1785–1835). She married John Turrill (unknown dates) and they had two daughters. Annie Sophia Turrill (c.1846–1924) married Johnathan Holmes Poulter (unknown dates) in 1879 and was identified as ‘Mrs Poulter’ in Thomas Girtin (1874–1960) and David Loshak’s catalogue of Girtin’s watercolours (Girtin and Loshak, 1954), and Isabella Turrill (1838–1905) married James Oswald (unknown dates) and was known as ‘Mrs Oswald’ in the same publication. They both acquired sizeable collections of Girtin’s works from their uncle (Isabella Turrill’s brother), Edward Cohen (1816–87), who died without issue. The collection of Isabella Oswald was sold at Robins & Hine on 30 March 1905 (Exhibitions: Robins & Hine, 30 March 1905). Annie Poulter bequeathed her collection to her son, Edward Alexander Poulter (1883–1973), who disposed of the fine assembly of watercolours and drawings through J. Palser & Sons and Thos. Agnew & Sons.